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Dear Universe Tarot is my homage to both my artist and tarot practices.


The deck pulls inspiration from artists and movements I have studied throughout my career including Keith Haring, Pamela Colman Smith, Sister Corita Kent, and the Bauhaus movement. These studies led me to create an abstracted tarot deck that retains some of the historical tarot archetypes has while generating images and interpretations that everyone can connect with. To do this, I needed to understand how tarot started.


Tarot originated in Italy during the mid 15th century where it began as a card game. The game swept across Europe and remained a game until the 18th century when people became unsatisfied with answers the church was giving about life, death, and spirituality. This unrest started an occult revival that brought tarot and magic to the centers of people’s studies and gave tarot the divination qualities we are more familiar with today. Tarot gained another facet of itself in 1960 when it became a tool of self-improvement and reflection.


Through my practice and research it became clear tarot has grown as a tool over the years but at the same time many misconceptions have attached themselves to it. These misconceptions include that tarot is used for a darker purpose, devil worship, tells your future, or you need to be psychic to use them. I find these statements to be generalizing and untrue. As in all things, it comes down to the reader and the intent they put behind their practice. The cards are a vehicle of expression, story telling, meditation, and conversation. Each practice is individualized to the reader. A tarot reader (or reader) is the person interpreting the cards; this can be done for themselves or for a questioner (a second party who has come seeking guidance). There are many different styles of tarot readings that can be developed such as self-exploration, realms of healing, and guidance. The cards can be used to see into the past, your present being, your emotional self, and maybe the future if you can see it. You don’t need to be psychic to use tarot, for it is meant to improve your intuition. Tarot is nondenominational and anyone can fit it in to one’s own practice if they feel drawn to it. 


As all tools of a practice, tarot cards come with rules ranging from never sharing your cards to never read when in an emotional state. I could list all of the ones I have encountered, but if you need a single rule, let it be this: tarot is never meant to do harm unto anyone, including yourself. If you find yourself in a situation in which you do not feel comfortable reading, politely decline or refer the questioner to another reader.


In terms of personal practice, it is important to make ones or find ones that fit you and your cards.  Some include charging your deck under the light of a full moon, keeping them in a wooden box or dark clothed bag and incorporating mantras or chanting to channel your energy. But at the end of the day you need to do what feels right for you.


May you be light and love,



Isaac Wood

Artist and creator of

Dear Universe Tarot