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Artist Statement 

As a kid I found myself drawn to magical stories, myths, legends, the history of Halloween, witchcraft, tarot cards, and astrology. It wouldn’t take long for these interests to start appearing in my sketchpads and school notebooks. It wasn’t until I was a teen did I start to visit tarot readers.

I became fascinated about the future tarot readers would give me, the paths I couldn’t see, stories of a me I hadn’t yet met, all laid out in cards depicting queens holding stars and men stealing swords. They told me a story to look forward to, to be aware of moving onward on my journey.  For a number of years I would come back to tarot readings but it wouldn’t be until 2015 would I begin to read for myself and another two years till I stared to create Dear Universe.

This yearlong project began with a desire to learn to the roots of tarot practices and the more I discovered, the more I wanted to share what I was learning. Dear Universe has challenged me to create and share my personal symbolic language through the creation of my own tarot deck. After studying the works of the Bauhaus movement, Keith Haring, Sister Corita Kent, and tarot artist and illustrator Pamela Colman Smith, I set out to create and abstracted deck with the intent of it being unassuming in its nature. Allowing anyone to approach, whether it is as a tarot reader, questioner, artist, viewer, or any combination you can think of.

This journey has brought me to meet experienced readers, beginners, skeptics, one shaman practitioner, and a wide range of artists. These people all understand on some level the importance of a practice and the power of ritual. They are the same reasons I create art, so that I may feel a sense of balance and stability that I wish to share with you.